D.J. Trump, Psychopath

D.J. Trump, Psychopath
by Carol Caldwell

Bombing along the Savannah highway, high noon, jukin' to "Waking Me Up When It's All Over!" Solid traffic into and outbound from Charleston, home of Rhett Butler and Hootie. And then! A wall of sound and fury, cop cars, motorcycles, Humvees, a phalanx of 40,50, maybe more, lights ablaze, sirens blaring, George F****** W. Bush, I say to myself, on the retreat from scabbing for Jebbie.

It takes a very special kind of psychopath to usurp America's First Family of Underachievers, and he's all ours. I come to find out that it was Citizen Trump's motorcade instead, all that racket, 20 miles down the length of John's Island, and 10 more of this screaming bombast trying up traffic into town. A deafening blasphemy of din preceding the Next Prezdunt of the Yewninnid States.

We're a country that has nothing but respect for our winners. From the mountains of Wall Street, to the prairies of their oil fields, to the oceans white with the foams of their unassuageable angers--

God bless America, our home!

The tell-tale sign of the true sociopath is that he or she is not burdened with a conscience... It is all about getting what they want, no matter who they have to step on or over, or who they have to off to do it. These are the men, mostly, who have made our fine upstanding country what she is today. Don't tread on me!

It's been attested to by psychologists and neurobiologists who study psycho- and sociopaths that the deadly syndrome can be seen in their eyes. The eyes are described as affectless, what we would call cold, or eerily blank in one-on-one or televised exchanges. The sociopath is described as charming, out-going, intelligent, cunning, winning without warmth, but adaptable to whatever human kindness you telegraph to them. As we well know, many of them ascend to top positions in major industries, I might mention Wall Street and banking, heads of Hollywood studios, and members of Congress. On the street levels of everyday life, they work their wiles into all kinds of jobs, by falsifying resumes to fit the careers they are after. One area of human endeavor they seem less adaptable to is refined senses of humor.

Just let your conscience be your guide, like Jiminy Cricket said. Many studies suggest that one in twenty-five Americans qualify as sociopaths. That sociopathic and psychopathic personalities can be encoded in the genes of those who display them. The trait can be passed on through generations. What I've discovered , as close as I've come to it at these rallies, is that the crowds who beam their approval at Donald Trump are mesmerized by the cobraesque hissing of his psychopathic screed. The endless insistence of winnerism, "I don't lose! I've never been a loser. I like to win!" What is the average citizen's identification with his mindless repetitions, the wretched invective he spews from that puffy blowhole? Adherents who, along with their own back-up disappointments, resent that they aren't as effectively cutthroat to make it to the top? Is this the kind of fatal exchange the psychopath enjoys as he strangles his victims?

It's going to take someone with more clout than I to expose the bilking of banks and other money-lenders that Trump has dumped on the the write-off, bailout, and legal services. On you, the law-abiding tax payer. It's going to have to be up to former playmates, wives, and galpals who have been used, abused, and tossed on the ash heaps of history. Gone are the good old days of SPY magazine in whose pages so many hilarious, embarrassing escapades of the Trumpster in the l980's and 90's were gleefully exposed.

What we are witnessing in D.J. Trump is the fitting end of the capitalist system, because the psychopaths at the top of Wall Street and the Big Banks were and are are too busy fucking their own investors to cut him off at the knees. They saw Donald J. Trump as a big fat joke for too long and gave him free rein to run all over them. "I'm not beholden to anybody!" He crows. "Nobody's footing my bill! I spend my own money. My own money!"

No wonder they've paved the way for the King of Queens to be in a position now to take over as Leader of the Free World's Markets. No wonder he and Putin are such perfectly matched love bugs. Now they can bare their hairless chests and bring the whole damn thing down together.