Django: Rugged And Raw

Quentin Tarantino took on the Nazis and has Hitler shot up in Inglourious Basterds. Now, in Django Unchained, Quentin tackles both slavery and historic issues between whites and blacks. Like Inglourious Basterds, he once again seems to speak directly to the heart and from the minds of the characters he is writing for, as well as tap into the imaginatively creative and fantastical outcome that makes Django a great movie experience.

Django is both rugged and raw. As GZA was sitting beside me, he tapped me on the shoulder, and said, "Yo, that shit was hardcore dirty." GZA, who you know from the Wu Tang Clan and I know as my cousin, thought it was a fly pic.

Quentin's infusion of great cinematic scenes with both contemporary hip-hop and rock classics set the tone. He goes from Jim Croce to 2-Pac to James Brown to Johnny Cash. Not to mention new tracks by Rick Ross and John Legend. GZA thought the music was epic and hearing my music in the end credits just capped the Django experience in my eyes!

One unique issue that might be a bit touchy to the Black community is the "House Nigger"/"Field Nigger" concept displayed by the interactions between the amazingly loyal Sam Jackson and vengeful Jamie Foxx. Sam Jackson plays Stephen, the right hand "House Nigger" to Leonardo DiCaprio's Calvin Candie. Candie's the owner of a plantation named Candyland, and Stephen runs the place. Stephen doesn't trust Django from the first moment they meet, and these scenes are skillfully played by Sam and Jamie as opposing forces to the crazy degree that we ultimately see the roles reversed on each other. The psychological games that each plays against each other is masterful! It's Sam Jackson vs. Jamie Foxx. Game recognizes Game and neither will submit.

GZA's opinion was that the Black male and female won't find it offensive. He said, "It works because it's about justice." And to see Jamie, as a free man, seek justice during this time-period is unique. We don't get to see this type of movie that often. And this one raises awareness and entertains at the same time.

Quentin is such a skillful writer as well as an observant artist in the field of movie-making. The dialogues of Christoph Waltz, Sam Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio are done in a way that is both poetic and comedic. You need to see this yourself to get just what I mean. It was truly a character-driven script. GZA and I are fans of Tarantino's movies and this one was special, coming from a fascinating perspective. My opinion? This shit is hip. It's a masterpiece.