'Django Unchained' Wraps Filming After 130 Days

It's A Wrap: 'Django Unchained' Finishes Filming

"Django Unchained" may already have enough footage for a trailer and a Cannes Film Festival sizzle reel, but that doesn't mean it was finished. In fact, producer Stacey Sher announced via Facebook on Wednesday that Quentin Tarantino's latest film has finally completed principal photography following 126 days (or perhaps 130 days, per Sher) on set.

"Well, we did it!" Sher reportedly wrote (the information from Sher's Facebook profile was relayed by Indiewire blogger and journalist Anne Thompson). "At 1:23 AM, we wrapped up the extraordinary journey that has been the filming of 'Django Unchained.' 126 (or 130 depending on who is doing the counting) of challenging, magical, incredible adventures from Simi Valley, to the Alabama Hills, to the frozen Grand Tetons, to the swamps and plantations of New Orleans and back to Simi Valley once again!"

Sher went on to wish Tarantino luck in the post-production process.

Of course, that "Django Unchained" was still doing some filming isn't a total surprise. Back in May, Kurt Russell left the project and Sacha Baron Cohen revealed that he couldn't participate either. Meanwhile, in June -- just weeks before a presentation at Comic-Con -- Jonah Hill was added back to the cast. The "21 Jump Street" star was previously attached to play the role Cohen was set for, but the part was reworked when Hill signed on again. At Comic-Con, Tarantino said that Hill's scene was "one of the funniest sequences" he's ever done. "It's right up there with handing out the color names in 'Reservoir Dogs,'” the director boasted.

"The weird thing for me has been talking about it when we're not done shooting it," star Kerry Washington told HuffPost Entertainment at Comic-Con. "That's been the hard part. We're still in it and it's still evolving. We're talking about scenes that we haven't even shot yet."

With only five months remaining until its scheduled release date, there are some questioning whether Tarantino will have "Django Unchained" finished before Dec. 25. This marks the first film Tarantino will be forced to complete without his longtime editor Sally Menke, who passed away in September of 2010. Fred Raskin, who worked as an assistant editor on "Kill Bill," will take her place.

Those concerns aside, "Django Unchained" is set for release on Dec. 25. Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Don Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson all star, along with Washington.

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