DJ's Boyfriend Steve Will Appear On 'Fuller House'

This is not a drill.

Attention teen girls of the early '90s: DJ Tanner's boyfriend Steve will appear in Netflix's upcoming "Full House" reboot "Fuller House."

Scott Weinger, the actor behind Steve -- also known as the voice of Aladdin and a writer for shows including "90201," "The Neighbors" and "Black-ish" -- shared the v. v. exciting news in a tweet on Thursday. 


In case you were worried it was a drill... it's not!

We're pretty sure if "Full House" was on the air today, teen couple Steve and DJ would have had a shipper hashtag (a la "Pretty Little Liars" shipped couples #Spoby, #Emison and #Haleb). So in honor of the reboot, let's get ready to root for #Steejay. (#Ste-J? Ste-j? #Stee-j? We're open to spelling suggestions.) 

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