DK Metcalf Carted Off Field For Completely Unexpected Reason

The Seattle Seahawks receiver summed up the emergency in one hellacious tweet.

Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf suddenly left the field on a cart Sunday in a game against the host Detroit Lions. Thankfully it was not the kind of serious medical emergency that has made headlines in the NFL recently.

He simply had to go to the bathroom and getting there on foot wasn’t going to work, he explained afterward in a funny tweet.

“That clinch walk wouldn’t have made it,” he wrote.

One NFL reporter applauded Metcalf’s strategic move because the distance from the field to the visiting team’s bathroom is perhaps the longest in the league.

Here’s sideline reporter Jen Hale’s live call of Metcalf’s exit on Fox.

Metcalf finished with 7 catches for 149 yards in Seattle’s 48-45 victory.

He also joined Lil Nas X as an established star to recently heed nature’s call while performing.

You probably have jokes. So did Twitter:

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