D.L. Hughley Takes Aim At Mitt Romney On 'Notes...From The G.E.D. Section' (VIDEO)

A wide range of news has made media headlines over the course of the past week, and with that said D.L. Hughley has decided to take aim at some of the nation’s most topical stories for the latest episode in his YouTube series, “Notes...From The G.E.D. Section.”

This week’s clip finds the “King Of Comedy” and political commentator addressing an array of newsy stories from Arnold Schwarzenegger's newly-released memoir, “Total Recall,” to this year’s ongoing presidential election.

Prior to this week’s much talked about debate, Hughley shared his thoughts on Mitt Romney and his controversial “47 percent” statement.

“One of the things that is coming back to haunt Romney, obviously from any poll that you take, is his 47 percent statement. Any president that doesn’t know, or any potential president, or anybody vying for the office of the presidency, that doesn’t know that while you’re giving a speech, or talking to donors, nothing is off the record,” he said.

“If you don’t know that while you’re running for the president of the United States of America, thee leader of the free world, the commander of the mightiest military ever assembled. That if you say something, somebody might have a camera phone. If you’re too dumb to realize that you can be captured on film virtually saying anything you say, then I think that automatically disqualifies you as president,” the California native added.

“The 47 percent statement was a clear idea, in addition to ‘I like to fire people’, in addition to ‘I’m not concerned about poor people,’ I mean he said a number of things that I think are a clear insight to how he feels. Now I’m not saying that he dislikes poor people. I’m saying he’s disconnected from them. I’m not saying that he’s a gold digger, but he ain’t f**king with no broke n***as. I’m telling you, Kanye [West] said it best.”

Check out this week’s episode of D.L. Hughley’s “Notes...From The G.E.D. Section” above.



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