D.L. Hughley: Obama 'Closer To Being A White Kid' In This Election (VIDEO)

Things got a little racial recently when Ron Bennington interviewed comedian and former CNN host D.L. Hughley on SiriusXM's "Unmasked" and the two discussed the president.

Hughley was on the show to promote his new book, "I Want You to Shut The F**k Up: How the Audacity of Dopes is Ruining America," and had a lot to say about Obama's measured image during the election. Specifically, how he's handling his opponents' attacks.

The comedian said he thought that President Obama reacts to criticism intellectually, which makes him "closer to being a white kid."

"I should say he responds like an intellect," Hughley immediately corrected. "Here's the thing: if you were with a man, and that man never reacted, never got mad, just was always even-keel, at a certain point that woman would start to believe that man didn't care about her. That's how this country is. Because he is so plain and so nonplussed, people see that as devoid of passion."

Hughley wasn't all criticism, though. His suggestion for the President to spice up the campaign season?

"Fight fire with fire," he said.

While we're pretty sure Obama won't be going head-to-head with the Birthers anytime soon, it certainly would be entertaining.

Here's the audio segment, courtesy of Mediaite: