'Daily Show' Host D.L. Hughley Slams Sean Hannity For 'Freudian Slip'

"He said it!" the guest presenter mocked the Fox News personality.

Comedian D.L. Hughley rounded off his week guest hosting “The Daily Show” with a slam of Fox NewsSean Hannity.

“You have got to hear the latest thing they’re talking about when it comes to police shooting Black people,” said Hughley, teeing up footage of Hannity arguing this week that “there is no systemic racism” in policing because white people get fatally shot by cops, too.

“Good cops” are the “vast, overwhelming majority” of police officers, Hannity claimed, before adding: “And there is a small majority of bad cops.”

Hughley couldn’t let the comment slip, saying: “He said it! ‘Small majority of bad cops.’ Now that is a Freudian slip for your ass.”

Watch the video here:

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