DL Skateboards: The Art Of Making A Classic, Simple Skateboard From Scratch (VIDEO)

We're well aware that Brooklyn's where it's at when it comes to artisanal mayonnaise and light bulbs, but who knew it's also the place for locally-sourced, handmade skateboards? If you're in the market (or in "The Market," which is what we just now decided should be Brooklyn's alternative nickname), look no further than DL Skateboards, whose founders Lauren Andino and Derek Mabra walk -- or more likely, skate -- to the nearby wood supplier for their wood, and to the art store down the street for their paint. The couple fashions $200 cruisers inspired by the classic California style of the sixties, which involves a solid wood surfboard, four wheels, and a few stripes of paint.

In a CoolHunting documentary short on the company, Andino and Mabra demonstrate their start-to-finish production process, which takes place in a well-outfitted truck hold and on the street. The Vimeo blurb explains why this particular neighborhood board-making session is more meaningful than the rest: like true Brooklynites, the couple is about to move to California! Take a look at their last BK hurrah below, and head to the company's site for images of some beautifully blocky, simple boards.


Cool Hunting Video Presents: DL Skateboards from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.