Dmitry Rybolovlev, Russian Billionaire, Purchases Sandy Weill's $88 Million Central Park Penthouse

The world's 93rd richest man will now be the new resident of the $88 million dollar penthouse once dwelled by one of Time's "25 People to Blame for the Financial Crisis."

According to The Observer, Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev has purchased Sandy Weill's famed penthouse located at 15 Central Park West. Rybolovlev's new digs will boast Brazilian rosewood paneling and a 2,077 square-foot terrace, to name just a few features behind one of the most envied properties in New York City real estate.

Weill famously announced in November that he was putting his home up for sale for "downsizing" purposes and was planning to donate the earnings from the sale to charity.

The former chairman and CEO of Citigroup set new records in 2007 when he purchased the sprawling apartment for $43.7 million. That's $6,400 per square foot, the most paid per square-foot for New York real estate at the time.

Before the reported sale, the most money paid for a New York apartment occurred in 2010, when fellow Russian, Igor Krutoy shelled out $48 million to live in the Plaza.

If Rybolovlev becomes a full-time resident, Rybolovlev sets to become the fifth richest in New York City behind heavyweights David Koch and Mayor Bloomberg.

Some facts on Rybolovlev include being a former chemist before becoming an industrial tycoon and ultimately managing one of Russia's largest fertilizer companies. On a darker note, the billionaire was once accused, but acquitted on grounds of lack of evidence, to being behind the murders of other high-profile businessmen.

In 2010, Rybolovlev was also in the midst of the world's most expensive divorce with embattled assets that included posh properties all around the world, Van Gogh and Picasso paintings, and fancy yachts. Rybolovlev stands to lose as much as $6 billion.

Take a look inside the building: