DMX Delivers Powerful Prayer During ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview

The rapper's latest prayer will take you to church and back.

DMX’s reputation for uplifting fans through spiritual prayer was on full display during his recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club.”

The rapper-actor concluded his interview on the syndicated radio show Tuesday by leading a prayer with show co-hosts, DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God.

“Father, God, we thank you for this gathering of souls,” he said at the start of the prayer, before continuing. “We asked that you grace the blessings that are upon us. This day, we pray any obstacle the devil plans to place in our path to be removed in the name of Jesus. We pray that we have your will, have your way in our lives father, but we didn’t make us, so we couldn’t possible know what to do with us. We thank you for what most people take for granted, Father. The air we have to breathe, the food we have to eat, the clothes we have to wear, the cars we have to drive, the money we spend, the lives we touch, and the lives that touched our own…”

Aside from his inspirational words of praise and premiering his new record, “Blood Red,” the interview also found X touching on his willingness to motivate others during each performance.

“Before I go on stage, I pray that I’m able to touch just one person,” he said. “If I’m able to do that, if I’m able to touch just one person then I’ve done something wonderful with my life, just that moment, but with my life.”


Check out DMX’s prayer in the clip above, and his “The Breakfast Club” interview in its entirety below.



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