'DMX Vs. Computer:' Rapper Uses Google On Laptop, Says 'It's Too Much Stuff' (VIDEO)

Rapper DMX Googles Self, Hilarity Ensues

Radio station Power 105.1 persuaded rapper DMX to use Google on a laptop, possibly for the first time ever.

The result? A clearly agitated DMX, who's somewhat unimpressed with the user experience.

"It's too much stuff. It's too much stuff," DMX says in the video, before critiquing the name "Google" ("Just get a regular word!") and expressing impatience with load times and frozen screens.

Grantland features a kind-of-brilliant play-by-play of what the site has dubbed "DMX vs. Computer," but like most rap-related content, this experience is better seen and heard than analyzed.

Although this humorous incident is bound to gain some notoriety, it is completely benign when compared to some of the rapper's other shenanigans.

DMX has been arrested and jailed numerous times throughout the years, but his most outrageous run-in with the law occurred in June 2004. The rapper was arrested at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport after reportedly trying to steal a car and crashing another vehicle through a gate, according to Reuters. He also claimed to be a federal agent.

DMX's new album, "Undisputed," was released Sept. 11.

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