DNC Ad Assails John Boehner For Suggesting Teachers, Police Are 'Special Interests' (VIDEO)


The Democratic National Committee is out with a new web ad taking aim at House Minority Leader John Boehner for characterizing teachers and police officers as "special interests" earlier this week.

In the critical spot from the DNC, three public school teachers challenge the comparison made by Boehner, which came on Thursday in response to Democrats approving legislation to deliver $26 billion in federal aid to financially troubled states across the country.

"When I heard John Boehner refer to teachers as special interests, I was appalled," says Wendy, a 5th grade teacher. "I didn't know how to react," expresses Jeff, a visibly upset 9th grade history teacher. "I felt degraded," states Leonard, a special education teacher for 30 years.

After the trio of voices underscore that their only special interest is the children that they teach, an unambiguous message is issued to Boehner directly: "Until you understand that, you need to come down off the Hill and visit my classroom and see just what it is that I do on a daily basis before you lump me in with the fat cats on Wall Street and the banks."


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