DNC Ad Attempts To Capitalize On GOP Ethics Problems

DNC Ad Attempts To Capitalize On GOP Ethics Problems

The Democratic National Committee provided a reminder on Friday that members of their party aren't the only ones coping with ethics violations.

Though New York politicians Rep. Charlie Rangel, Rep. Eric Massa and Gov. David Patterson may have grabbed much of the media spotlight in recent weeks, the new DNC ad tries to redirect the focus back on Republicans who are also hounded by ethics issues -- primarily Senators David Vitter of Louisiana and John Ensign of Nevada.

"A caucus racked by scandal," the ad's narrator says. "David Vitter -- prostitution, violating his vows to his family and the public. John Ensign -- an FBI investigation, allegations of hush money and jobs for silence, all to cover up his affair."

"After years of scandal, tell Republicans its time to clean up their act," the ad ends.

Watch the ad:

Republicans released their own ethics-related television ad targeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier this week.

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