DNC Jobs Panel: HuffPost 'Opportunity: What Is Working' Greatest Hits (VIDEO)

While the political conventions have mostly featured boiler-plate speeches, a jobs creation panel at the DNC focused on solid solutions.

At the HuffPost-sponsored "Opportunity: What Is Working" panel Wednesday at the DNC, innovators including civic officials, foundation leaders and entertainers met to discuss answers to the job crisis.

"We believe that the 23 million people who are unemployed or underemployed are the greatest crisis threatening America's promise, especially when it comes to 16 percent youth unemployment," Arianna Huffington said to open the discussion.

The panel, moderated by Tom Brokaw, focused on not only solutions, but also what's already working, such as public-private partnerships that create youth opportunity, innovative careers and more.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro discussed investing in growth within 21st century sectors, such as the new energy economy.

Focusing on the price of college, the panel proposed solutions such as a G.I. Bill for urban young adults and curriculum created in conjunction with business leaders' input.

Panelist, Black Eyed Peas member and education advocate, discussed why he invests in STEM and remarked that he's not slowing down anytime soon.

"I'm not stopping until it's popping," the performer said.

The panel participants included Allen Blue, the co-founder of LinkedIn, Scott Case, the CEO of Startup America, Gerald Chertavian, the CEO of Year Up, Jeremy Heimans, the CEO of Purpose, Walter Isaacson, the president and CEO of the Aspen Institute, and Jack Markell, the governor of Delaware.

Watch the full video above.