DNC, Listen o Me

DNC, Listen to Me
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Red-Tinged, Cause There’s Some Old-Timey Progressive Socialism Here

Red-Tinged, Cause There’s Some Old-Timey Progressive Socialism Here

I never understood how the term “trickle-down economics” wasn’t its own defeat. To me, it evokes a flood to the rich that get released in minor drippage to the rest of us. How did that ever sell?

I’ve also never understood how the same voters who responded to that message recoiled from “raise taxes on the rich.” Isn’t popular sentiment supposed to be livid over “Wall Street” and “the banks” — on the left AND right?

Perhaps, in the vein of counter-intuitivity, it’s time for Democrats to embrace the “Tax and Spend” moniker, with minor alterations.


might be a way to say it. We also need a sexier way to push infrastructure spending.


We should introduce a new theory — “Trickle Up Economics” — starting with the notion that if we focus on increasing the wealth of wage earners FIRST, no one begrudges higher profits from increased consumer spending “trickling up” to those who are already doing ridiculously well. (Well, I do, but I’m trying to be realistic.)


needs to be our unapologetic refrain. (Why in God’s Earth should anybody on the planet have more than $1 billion, anyway? Even that is grossly high.)

I know, I know, the rich fund campaigns and control Congress. But one thing 2016 taught us is that big donors couldn’t save Hillary Clinton, and Trump didn’t even need them — he got the media to do his campaign spending for him. And Bernie “$27 average contribution” Sanders showed us the power of small pockets en masse AND savvy media leveraging.

We need to outflank the America middle-class fantasy that any day now, they’re going to be rich too and don’t want to pay 39% (which no one ever pays, anyway.). Fine. Keep rates the same up to $50 million. There’s PLENTY of money above that threshold. Let Plumber Joe keep the imaginary dough he thinks is just around the corner.

The debacle of Trump filling the swamp and stocking it to the brim with delicacies seem to be sinking in to that crucial swing 10 million or so who decided to “give him a chance.” (His core base will always be unreachable. We needn’t bother trying.) The time to go all out anti-oligarchy is upon us. (And turn the tables on Putin. Our ads need to highlight exactly out tough life is for most Russians and cast their lot as the future we’re galloping toward.)

Let a thousand bumperstickers bloom, starting now. I’ll start.

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