The DNC Has The Best Reaction To Donald Trump Announcing His Presidential Run

If there's one thing that celebrity hotelier and reality star Donald Trump's presidential campaign promises, it's comedy.

After cascading down an escalator onto a stage at New York's Trump Tower on Tuesday, the billionaire businessman announced his bid for the GOP nomination -- something he's flirted with doing for years. Following his speech that made mention of everything from his golf courses and his 1987 book to Mexican rapists and an apparent dearth of doctors, the Democratic National Committee quickly issued a tongue-in-cheek statement.

"Today, Donald Trump became the second major Republican candidate to announce for president in two days," DNC national press secretary Holly Shulman said in a statement. "He adds some much-needed seriousness that has previously been lacking from the GOP field, and we look forward to hearing more about his ideas for the nation."

Some of those ideas include building a “great, great wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border (which Mexico will pay for, naturally), taxing China “until they behave properly," creating so many jobs that he becomes "the greatest jobs president that God ever created” and avoiding riding bikes.



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