DNC Understandably Upset At <i>Politico</i> Piece Linking Obama To Roman Polanski

DNC Understandably Upset AtPiece Linking Obama To Roman Polanski

The DNC is up in arms at a brief piece in The Politico that linked Barack Obama to Roman Polanski through a scant $34,000 worth of donations that were given to the Obama campaign and the Democratic party by people who were tangentially related to Polanski. Also, maybe Obama has Rosemary's Baby on his Netflix queue, who knows? Anyway, now Obama is personally responsible for everything that ever happened at Jack Nicholson's house, or something.

The Plum Line's Greg Sargent has a statement from the DNC's Brad Woodhouse, who called the story, "lowbrow...amateur hour...one of the silliest stories that I've ever seen."

"You could find a certain number of [our donors] who believe in Scientology," Woodhouse fumed. "You could find a certain number who are even Redskins fans...It's a silly story that's just meant to try to generate a sensational headline and a lot of clicks."

"Top Politico editor" Jim VandeHei defended the story, telling Sargent: "We will look for the political angle in virtually any story...This short blog item was done for the Click page -- where we run a lot of entertainment and personality items. It was quick item based on FEC data alone."

VandeHei then presumably went back to running his dank, idiotic sweatshop, filled with the most despondent political reporters anywhere in the world.

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