DNC Unveils New Website, Logo

DNC Unveils New Website, Logo

The Democratic National Committee has revamped both its logo and website in hopes of taking on a sleeker, less bureaucratic perception among voters.

The re-design went live on Wednesday morning with an accompanying tag line: "Democrats: Change That Matters." In place of the former logo -- DNC in block letters filled with an American flag -- the committee opted for a capital D engulfed by a blue-band circle.

Chairman Tim Kaine is expected to offer more details about the new site and messaging strategy during a speech at George Washington University later in the day. But the purpose of the relaunch, as someone familiar with the plans noted, is to provide the organization with a new identity that de-emphasized the image of a national committee (which, itself, conjures up visions of old men sitting around a conference room table).

The new look, indeed, seems torn out of the pages of the Obama for America campaign playbook, straight down to the circular logo and the evocation of "change."

Here is the new website:

Here is the old logo:

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