#DNCLeak Email Shows DNC Planning For Clinton As Nominee Before One-Third Of Nation Even Voted

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Before the last 16 states concluded their primary process,
-- part of the
published by
-- shows that planning for former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the
had begun long before one-third of the nation even had a say in the matter.

The email below shows that the DNC had already completed content proclaiming their nominee to be Hillary Clinton on the morning of April 26, 2016 -- before 16 states had completed their primary voting process. The sender of the e-mail, Eric Reif, is a DNC staffer. The email contains content written to be sent out by various members of the DNC, including DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC CEO Amy K. Dacey, and President Barack Obama:

Hi all -- We are starting to plan ahead with messaging to our supporters for the end of the primary and transition to the general. Below are a handful of emails and graphic copy for the initial few days of that change, arranged below in the order in which we'll send them as we've laid out in a memo to Amy:

Screenshot of email sent 4/26/2016

from DNC Staffer Eric Reif

with content proclaiming

Clinton as the party's nominee

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of the proposed emails includes proclamations of Clinton being the party's nominee, such as this statement from Schultz:

... as a presidential candidate and as a member of Congress for more than two decades, Bernie Sanders has excited the people of this country, and I know he'll continue to, no matter what he does next.  So as he ends his campaign today, add your name to mine to thank him for everything.

 A proposed email to be sent from Dacey includes the following statements:

I'm proud that our party has chosen to stand behind Hillary Clinton as our nominee...if you're ready to win this thing and show Hillary Clinton you're with her, pitch in $10 or more right now to help elect her our next president and put Democrats in office all across the country...

I am so proud to stand behind Hillary Clinton as our party's nominee and to lead the charge to make sure she becomes the 45th President of the United States.

And in the proposed email to be sent from President Obama, the following language is used:

... there is no one I trust more in that position than my friend, Hillary Clinton.  So today, I'm asking you to add your name with mine and say that you're ready to make Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States...

I think you and I both know who that person is: our nominee for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton...

In just a few months we'll elect the person who'll take my place here in this office, and I know that we'll spend every day between now and then doing the work to ensure that person is Hillary Clinton.

It's important to note that these proposed e-mails weren't actually sent at the time. But one must ask, why did the DNC already have language drafted thanking Bernie for ending his campaign on April 26, 2016, before one-third of the states had voted in the primary process?

Why was the DNC already prepared, on April 26, 2016, to proclaim Hillary Clinton as their nominee?

And why did the DNC already have promotional materials ready to go on April 26, 2016, asking members to support their nominee, Hillary Clinton?

Bernie Sanders's supporters have long suspected the DNC of having their
. This email appears to prove just that, and far longer than anything anyone in the media has reported on to date.

As The Next Web reports,

The emails go a long way to prove just how broken the electoral college system is, a system that relies on delegates -- not the popular vote -- to nominate presidential candidates.  In what most of us sensed was a rigged system all along, WikiLeaks blowing the cover off of collusion to secure a Clinton nomination should surprise no one. That said, the proof is in the pudding, or so they say, and this leak should do a great deal to firm up that stance and hopefully bring about positive change. 

WikiLeaks' integrity has yet to be impugned. Its dedication to transparency and honesty are just some of the reasons it has won so many awards and maintains relationships with some of the world's top investigative journalists and media organizations.

For an organization that proclaims to pride itself on impartiality and neutrality, as the Rev. Leah D. Daughtry, CEO of the DNCC, proclaims this email is damning evidence of just the opposite:

But what have the Clinton camp's complaints been about the process?

As more emails are revealed, the DNC will have quite a bit of explaining to do. The information contained in this email prompts one to ask, did Bernie Sanders ever have a chance at becoming the Democratic Party's nominee?