Do Bernie Voters Hate Hillary?

On Super Tuesday, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Republican and Democratic voters in the Boston, Massachusetts area, where Donald Trump cruised to a massive victory with 49% of the vote in a five-way race, while Hillary Clinton eked out a 50 to 49 victory over Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders. What did we learn in speaking to voters?

First of all, for many Hillary voters, their reasons for supporting Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders were more about history, name recognition, and a personal connection rather than positions on actual issues, with one voter actually citing "Billary" as the reason she voted for Hillary:

Additionally, for at least one interesting Republican, Benghazi and Hillary Clinton's email server are the top reasons NOT to vote for Clinton in the fall, if she is the eventual Democratic nominee:

At the official Boston-area Bernie Sanders Super Tuesday results event, I asked Bernie supporters whether they disliked Hillary Clinton as a person, and the results were... mixed:

Lastly, an important question in a race that is increasingly uncertain heading into November, I asked Bernie supporters whether they vote for Hillary Clinton if she is the eventual Democratic nominee. Here's what they said:

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