Do Charmed Charts Exist?

In the last post I wrote about Cursed Charts (which do not exist), what about Charmed Charts? We know people who skip through life, avoiding accidents, ill health, finding love, success, money, fame...all the qualities that most of us are sure make for a happy life. Are their charts charmed?

The answer is Yes and No. Contrary to NASA's latest scare, we have 12 signs in astrology and 8 planetary placements plus the Sun and the Moon. Everyone's chart has a combination of all these energy ingredients and all signs are equally talented, creative, and charmed in their own way. A charmed or easy life shows in the interactions between the signs. The patterns for ease and luck are called the sextile and the trine. Many sextiles in a chart mean opportunities and many trines mean easy flow and fewer conflicts. When a chart has an abundance of sextiles and trines the person could be reaping benefits from previous life times. Or for some charts, this life time could be a coasting one...not much happens negatively or positively. Life just flows on.

A charmed chart may also feature luck. And luck is easy to see in a chart. No sign is luckier than another but there are placement patterns that usually correspond with luck. I know a client who has won the lottery three time. His winnings were substantial and the luckiest part was that he enjoyed the money and shared it with family and friends. This is not a common experience.

Other charmed charts feature lucky opportunities and success because a person has great intuition and finds the right time to move forward, change directions, or the most auspicious time to take action. Everyone can develop their intuition to maximize the talents promised in their chart.

Fame is a big desirable for many people and Astrologers study well-known people's charts to learn what placements and patterns encourage a person to shoot to stardom. It is always a combination of factors plus the fashion of the times. For example, currently the sign of many billionaires is Virgo. This sign traditionally does not have a reputation for driven business ambition but their talent for careful, steady analysis is the ability most able to amass and monetize data. In another time period Virgo talents may not be as valuable. Fame may also take a toll. What you gain in attention, money, and opportunity you can lose in privacy and notoriety. A chart can show a meteoric rise but also a cruel fall.

A little known placement in all charts is called The Part of Fortune. And we all have this part or lot as it was called in ancient times. Using these parts comes to us from the Arab astrologers who took up astrological studies while Europe was in the Dark Ages and Astrology considered ungodly. The Part of Fortune shows where a person receives or participates in their greatest joy. It is different for each person and can tell us what parts of life represent ease and possibly luck. The Part of Fortune can also help us learn about what intuitively comes easy for us. If you want an easier life following the Part of Fortune is a good recommendation.

Meanwhile, to increase your luck, charmed-ness or feeling of possibilities I include this spell. It is white magic and can be powerful. Use wisely.


You never know!

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