Do Fetuses Poop? MinuteEarth Video Reveals Secrets Of Babies In Womb

Did you know when you were born, you had one sterile, clean poop? Then, of course, it's all downhill from there. But how did our newborn bodies accumulate waste to begin with, and do fetuses poop?

The YouTube series MinuteEarth answered those questions in a recent video -- check it out above.

MinuteEarth creator and narrator Henry Reich explains in the video that when it comes to doing number one, embryos start peeing inside the womb after just two months of development. But when it comes to number two, eventually the fetus only receives good nutrients from the mother's body, and not the bad stuff that would otherwise end up as poop. This is because the mother's body digests food and absorbs most of the junk. So fetuses don't poop in the womb. Interesting.

But some leftover waste that may sneak its way to the fetus's sterile intestine eventually becomes a green sticky substance called meconium -- and that is what is left in a newborn infant's first diaper -- the baby's first, and only, clean poop.

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