'Do It For Denmark' Campaign Urges Danes To Have More Sex

'Do It' Campaign In Denmark Isn't About Sneakers

Have sex to save the country.

That's essentially the meaning of the "Do It For Denmark" campaign sponsored by travel company Spies Rejser.

One of the ads (seen above) frets that Denmark's birthrate is not looking so hot these days and is at its lowest level in decades. The Washington Post helpfully confirms that Danish people aren't making babies like they used to, but the travel company sees hope in the tougher-to-verify stat that Danes have 46 percent more sex on vacation.

Hence, the ad campaign suggests that Danes should get out more and get it on in a different locale for the good of their country's longevity. If only there were a travel company that could facilitate that sort of thing.

If having sex and procreating isn't its own reward, Spies Travel further sweetens the deal. If you can prove you conceived your child on a trip that you booked through the company, Spies Travel will give you three years of "baby stuff."

This is hardly the only travel ad campaign urging consumers to fornicate, Time notes

From TIME:

In the late ’00s, a range of hotel companies and tour operators latched onto the idea that there was a strong demand among couples for “procreation vacation” packages, or “conceptionmoons,” if you’d rather.

Does this demand actually exist? Who knows? Watch the video and have sex already.

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