Do Not Be Fooled by Al Zawahiri

Muslims, what has he done for you lately? What have the Al Zawahiris of the world who claim to fight in defense of Islam actually done for Muslims or Islam?
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Apparently, Al Qaeda No. 2, Ayman Al Zawahiri recently sent out an audio message warning Muslims not to be fooled by Obama.

I think I speak for most Muslims around the world and certainly most Muslims in the United States when I say, "Mr. Al Zawahiri, we really don't care what you think."

What level of delusion does it take for someone who has brought nothing but fear and destruction to the world to still think that the world wants to hear from him? The only word I want to hear from Al Zawahiri is "guilty" pronounced in a court of law before he is hauled away to serve multiple life sentences.


I have a message for the few Muslims who actually might care what Al Zawahiri has to say: "Don't be fooled by Al Zawahiri." What has he done for you lately? What have the Al Zawahiris of the world who claim to fight in defense of Islam actually done for Muslims or Islam? What have they done to educate the illiterate, feed the hungry, heal the diseased, or boost the quality of life anywhere in the Muslim world?

The fact is these individuals have devolved into a perverse cult-like existence that engulfs everything around them with anger, hate and self-victimization. They are a disgrace to our faith and a menace to our world.

I have a message for those who are not Muslim who may also be listening to Al Zawahiri: "Don't be fooled by Al Zawahiri." He does not speak for Muslims. He speaks for himself and his band of cohorts.

I cannot help but wonder: what goes through Al Zawahiri's mind when he releases statements on "Muslim public opinion?"

Does he believe that we will think he has access to some polling mechanism or scientific survey we are not aware of? Apparently he has been so secluded from the real world and so entrenched in his own delusional world view that he fails to notice the rest of us actually ask these questions.

Mr. Al Zawahiri, Muslims out there are not the brainwashed minions you surround yourself with and pontificate to without being questioned. If they were, you would be in a palace presiding over an empire, not in a cave presiding over an international organization of outlaws.

And they are in no need of your advice. Most will judge President Obama, not by his words, color, or ancestry, but as they did his predecessor, by his actions.

Nonetheless, it is a farce of our times when a man whose ascension to power through the brute force of bombs can stand to delegitimize a man whose own ascension to power has been through the voice of the people, a tedious and transparent process we call democracy. Obama has the mandate of the people he speaks for; Al Zawahiri in turn has nothing but the usurped powers of a self-serving warlord.

I have one final message; this one goes out to the media:

We don't want to hear what Al Zawahiri or Bin Laden have to say, please do not afford them publicity and legitimacy they do not deserve -- and could not get otherwise.

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