Epic 'Do-Not-Disturb' Signs Show Privacy Is Needed No Matter Where You Are

You probably don't notice them often, but Edoardo Flores does. The Italian traveler has been saving "do not disturb" signs from hotels for 18 years -- his massive collection now includes over 8,700 signs from 190 countries.

"I picked up a first door hanger from a hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, as a souvenir," he told Collectors Weekly in a recent interview. "Someone back at the office saw it and suggested it would make a nice collection, so I started picking up more on my other trips."

Now, he's got one from Domus Sanctae Marthae, the guest house in Vatican City for cardinals who come to elect a new pope. There is a carved wooden sign from Bali and a furry squirrel one from Colorado. Flores, a retired training specialist with a branch of the United Nations, says he does choose his hotels on the likelihood they'll have a unique sign, but "it's always a gamble."

door signs

Flores keeps his signs organized by country (all of them are on his Flickr page).

Flip through the amazing collection!

Do-Not-Disturb Signs From Around The World