Do Not Give Up On Life. You Have A Reason.

The inner trappings of our mind are endless.

The creation of ourselves, of our identity, and of our personal reality is an ever-changing process.

The journey we set out upon from our first moment of life is a search for some concrete evidence that we as individuals do, in fact, exist. That we have some tangible, evident purpose.

We feel the unending desire for meaning.

Every action we take is part of the search. Whether the quest be for love, money, power, friendship, sex, faith or hatred - we are all busy searching for something. Creating ourselves in the name of something.

And, like any artist, swiping a paintbrush in vain, we may step back from our handiwork...and dislike what we see. In fact, we may dislike it so much that life may not feel worth living. But, we must remember, there are two sides to a mirror.

What we see is not always what there is.

Life, and the world, and the heavens, change every second of every day. It is only people that forget that we, too, can evolve. And grow. And flourish in change. It is only the traps in our minds that stifle us.

Every man can dream of flying, but only the brave take the leap.

So, be brave, and reinvent. Dream, and move toward that reality. Do not give up on who you are, why you are here, and what this life has to offer you. There is always another step forward. There is always another second of life to be lived. There is always an opportunity to lend your hand to another who needs it.

Reach out. Do not stop. Do. Not. Stop.

Live the life that only you were born to. Allow the Universe to work through you, and with you, to create a better world. It's your destiny. It's your meaning.

Live it. And rejoice.