Why You Should Go To The Movies (And Do Other Stuff) Alone

Would you go to a movie alone? For some people, the question elicits a quick and easy nod — of course! Why not? For others, panic: The idea of sitting there, all alone, surrounded by people who aren’t alone is humiliating.

Everyone has different internal guidelines for solo outings, and these guidelines are often marked by a fair degree of irrationality. I’ve never been able to work up the nerve to see a movie alone, for example, and yet I’ve eaten plenty of meals in restaurants without a dining partner — despite the fact that it’s a much more visible activity than sitting in a dark theater. And while going to a concert alone makes perfect practical sense — none of my friends are really into Listener, after all — I just don’t have it in me. I’d feel awkward standing around during the interminable period between the last opener and the main act, having no one to talk to, surrounded by happily socializing concertgoers.

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