Do Successful Politicians Have More Daughters?

Is there a correlation between being a successful male politician and having more daughters?

The last three U.S. presidents have a total of five daughters and no sons (Clinton has one daughter and George W. Bush and Obama both have two daughters).  

Maybe politicians with daughters are better at empathizing with the people.  

Of course, not all U.S. Presidents have mostly daughters ... but a great many do.

Of the first five U.S. presidents, only one (John Adams) had any sons.  And one of those sons (John Quincy Adams) became the sixth president.  

One possible explanation for this is that the American people have always been wary of royalty and hereditary rule.   so they were more apt to elect politicians in the the early days who did not have sons.   Some of these presidents adopted sons or had step-sons ... but the fact that they were not blood relatives probably soothed the consciousness of early Americans.