Do The Wiggle!: A Musical Love Letter To San Francisco's Most Famous Bike Route

WATCH: Popular Bike Route Gets The Viral Video Treatment

Like everything else in San Francisco, as soon as an issue becomes popular/trendy/controversial, everyone's first impulse is to turn it into a viral video.

This is probably because we're all trapped within Google's event horizon and it's therefore impossible for light to escape without first being uploaded to Youtube.

Anyway, as soon as San Francisco's most famous bike route, The Wiggle, recently became a hot topic, it was almost inevitable that it would get the viral video treatment.

Largely in response to a pair of fatal bike accidents, SFPD has cracked down on scofflaw cyclists throughout the city--especially on the iconic bikeway that serves as the flattest and easiest passage between San Francisco's eastern neighborhoods and the Panhandle.

This crackdown has led to a war of words between a certain San Francisco Chronicle columnist who thinks bikers on the Wiggle can be reckless jerks and bike advocates who don't appreciate being called reckless jerks just because they choose pedal power over gasoline.

Not to mention all of the controversy over the creation of protected bikeways along Fell and Oak streets.

Into this testy environment comes a They Might Be Giants-influenced music video ode to the way cyclists can get from Zietgeist to the Haight-Ashbury without having to trek up a big hill.

The song is by local San Francisco power-poppers The Real Numbers and, instead of focusing on the often adversarial relationship between bikes and cars like some other recent viral biking videos, this one is all about inclusiveness, good feelings wearing helmets.

As the song says, "there's just a single bike route in San Francisco that's got a jingle."

Although, as Uptown Almanac notes, "perhaps more interesting is the fact that no one in the video was unceremoniously given a wedgie by Zeitgeist's bouncers."

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