Do They Really Want To Play The Mi-chelle Game?

"Obama's Baby Mama?" The pound she shared with her husband that was really a "terrorist fist jab?" When she thinks nobody's listening she loves to use the pejorative "whitey?" C'mon, do the Reactionary Regressives really want to shape the campaign on demonizing Barack Obama's wife Michelle?

They might as well take out a full page ad in the Weekly Standard announcing: EEH, WE GOT NOTHING

First off, demonizing the potential first lady; didn't they try that with Hillary Clinton? All that got them was eight years of Bill in the White House, and eventually Mrs. C as Senator from New York. Seriously, before the far Right Retro Guard gets too far down that road they might want to move on to Plan D.

Does the Right really want to go after a politician's wife? Remember what Dick Nixon was able to do with Pat's cloth coat. Stand back from the pillar of fire that's gonna rain from on high when Barack unleashes all his oratorical powers and smites the transgressors who dare...transgress the sanctity of his marriage.

Short of that, stand back when Michelle does Oprah and they get to crying and all the soccer moms recall repressed gender memories of how much they can't stand woman-bashing.

But to bring it all back home: Obama's Baby Mama? Somewhere, even Don Imus is shaking his head in disgust. Did no one at that Fox Chyron department know how to spell "Negress?" And I want to be very careful here not to denigrate "baby mamas." I'm not getting bent over how other people form their relationships. But what galls is the idea that to them -- to them -- married, single, with children or without all back women are the same and good for one thing: no more consideration than black women have gotten from Tom Jefferson through Strom Thurmond and right up to the aforementioned Imus.

And you think the Right would have learned something from the Imus affair. You think they would have learned what it looks like when the wagons circle and indignation -- be it righteous or faux pious -- rises up.

Clearly they have not.

So, keep on, I say, playing your Mi-chelle game. Keep on demonstrating that you've got nothing to say about the economy or the dollar or an energy policy. Health care or immigration. The war, National Security. Keep on putting into full effect that you are bereft of any idea that is any deeper than flicking a finger at a man's Mrs.