Do Today Show Anchors Really Dress Themselves Every Day?

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According to Today Show anchor Tamron Hall, wardrobe stipends and costume departments aren't part of her early morning hosting gig. On Tuesday morning, clad in a turquoise top and patterned skirt, Hall admitted on live television that she was suffering from a wardrobe malfunction.

While making the disclaimer that she's responsible for dressing herself and doing her own shopping, Hall pointed out that the brand new Cédric Charlier ribbed cotton sweater she ordered from luxury website NET-A-PORTER just two days before already had two holes in it.

Upon further investigation, I found said defective long sleeved shirt retails for $695! The Belgian designer's 2014 Spring collection top is made of 100 percent cotton, and is even machine washable -- which makes me wonder why Hall didn't walk into a number of other stores to find a similar, likely better quality and much less expensive version. But that's beside the point.

Today Show hosts may not have stylists on set, but they're obviously raking in enough dough to set aside hefty wardrobe budgets if they're springing three quarters of a thousand dollars (with tax and shipping) on a top so memorable it can really only be worn once on-air.

After outing the designer and the website in her moment of frustration, I'm wondering what ended up happening with her pricey purchase. Did either company console the reporter (and their reputation) by sending her a credit? Or some new swag? Surely it's a public relations nightmare to have someone slam your brand on national television, and from my (somewhat substantial) knowledge of the industry, I'd be surprised if they didn't attempt to make it right. I suspect we'll be hearing (on-air) that she received a replacement sweater or we'll see a photo of her sitting in the front row at the designer's New York Fashion Week show. Or if they're really sneaky, they'll wait a couple of weeks and then devote an entire fashion segment to items available on NET-A-PORTER.

How often do you buy new clothes for work? What's the most expensive shirt you've ever purchased for the office?

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