Do Trigger Warnings On Campus Cause More Harm Than Good?

In an age of political correctness, these two men think it can discourage open discussion.

Trigger warnings, a means of preemptively alerting an audience to potentially distressing material, have been widely adopted by college professors recently as a way of reducing their liability from possible legal entanglements. This, coupled with a heightened sensitivity to political correctness, is prohibitive to opening up discussion on important issues, according to Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, the authors of recent article in The Atlantic that argues America is "coddling" young minds. The two stopped by HuffPost Live on Friday to discuss their article and how political correctness could actually be stifling to progress. 

Watch Lukianoff and Haidt discuss the problem with trigger warnings in the video above, and click here for the full conversation about the infantilization of America's college students. 

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