Do You Believe In You?

When was the last time somebody said to you: “I believe in you!” That’s right! Can you remember the last time when somebody uttered those words.

Was it a teacher at school? or a parent, a friend or the important one in your life. The point is does it matter, who said those words to you?

What about you? Do you…believe in you?

We are now well in 2017. Many of us ushered the new year with a string of resolutions and promises made as the clock struck midnight, vouching and announcing to the world on our Facebook page to expect a new and resolute “me”. Yet as we approach the end of this first month of this new year we’ll find that some of us may have already broken our promises while others may still be holding on to them strongly with absolute resolve while a few might have their goals hanging by a thin thread.

So the question is …How certain are we in our ability to bring the change that we so much want or need in our life?

So let me ask you again…”Do you believe in you?”

If you are hesitant about the answer you may want to re-look at your core values. If for whatever reason you are not sure that you can actually make your goals come true, don’t waste your time unless and until you have made a reality check on whether you trust yourself enough to make those dreams, goals and resolution come true this year or for that matter in any given year when you finally decide to change the destination of your life.

We must hold a firm belief that we can be the active change in our life. We have all gone through challenges and set backs, and hopefully we’ve built our muscles of resilience on the way down that have helped us come back.

When we believe in ourselves, we will spark a fire inside of us that will burn stronger than the fire around us. It is that very feeling that will push us forward with renewed determination to stick to our resolutions, goals and dreams. And if nobody has told you yet, “I believe in you!” then go ahead and say it to yourself. That’s right! It’s not an option to firmly believe in ourselves. It’s the foundations that will make us soar and rise against the odds. It’s the sand and mortar on which to build confidence in our children. Too often we forget to say it, as though we need the mighty permission to utter those words.

The journey to “I believe in me” comes with a price. We must questions our core values and what makes us get up everyday wanting to be more and achieve more. It will make us questions our intentions and goals in life with such brutal clarity that it will leave us no choice but to make those hard choices that life demands if we believe that we can achieve a breakthrough in our life.

Personal transformation can, in my opinion, be achieved only when we are willing to stand up for our goals and are willing to fight our demons to make it happen. Like the little voice that creeps up in our head telling us that it’s dangerous out there, or the lack of alignment between our intentions and actions.

If you are still not sure whether you are entitled to firmly believe in your innate ability to succeed or to overcome those hard times, then you are ignoring your true self. In the end the choice is yours. Believing in ourselves takes courage and determination. The courage to acknowledge when we are stepping up in life and also the grit to admit when and we are backing down. And if you are waiting for those big WHYs to come again in your life, be prepared for a long ride. Those big moments only come when we experience extreme pain or uncertainty in our life. The biggest quest for us is to always focus on our goals in life and to continually remind ourself the reason why we deserve the transformation that we seek.

Once we establish this certainty, clarity will come into our life. Clarity of who we want to become as a person, what we want to achieve and the energy that we need to achieve all that we hope for.

So to conclude I invite you to ask yourself “Do I Believe In Me?” and if you are still hesitant of the answer then … ask yourself “Am I living my truth?”. You and you alone can give that answer as the belief in you must and can only comes from within you.

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