Do You Call Yourself a Writer?

I asked a question on social media the other day: Do you call yourself a writer and if so, why, and if not, why is that, what stops you brandishing your silky scribe and nailing your colors to the mast?

Maybe the problem is if we call ourselves writers (or authors, if we've published books) we feel uncomfortable mingling with the greats. When I think of writers, I think of Wilde, and even the thought of trying to claim my title as a writer makes me feel like a gigantic egotistical impostor when compared to Oscar Fingal o'Flahertie Wills Wilde.

Someone suggested that perhaps not chasing after the description and proudly wearing it around your neck could be female related. That is a man would have no problem asserting himself as a writer, while woman feel like they're bragging perhaps or are simply are more comfortable not being in the limelight. Is there any truth in this? I can't say that my avoidance of not calling myself a writer has much to do with being female, I think it's more about humility, but then are we socialized to practice more humility as girls, either way humility is so important so I can't really criticize it.

My partner has often debated with me whether I should be referring to myself as a writer; he thinks I should be and that there is nothing for me to be questioning, whilst I think I shouldn't and feel mildly arrogant about presenting myself as such. I suppose it's like painters, if you can't paint like Picasso or Caravaggio are you still a painter/artist. Are you we allowed to call ourselves whatever we wish regardless of skill?

Maybe we cannot identify as writers until we've done 10, 0000 hours of practice and mastered the fine art of our discipline, time and competency leading the way rather than idealistic titles.

Did Picasso call himself a painter? Is it even about our own descriptions? Maybe others name us, take us to their hearts and minds once they have discovered our work and we have no place pondering these things.

However, is the label idealistic or even exciting? Writing for me isn't something I do for a hobby, it's my life and it's bloody hard work. Many think it's not, sitting at my desk all day with endless pots of tea, sneaking Jaffa Cakes from the kitchen and listening to Duran Duran probably sounds like a charmed life, unless you don't like Duran Duran.

Anyway, I don't know and so why don't you tell me in the comments? What do you call yourself, what should I call myself and do like Duran Duran.

Hungry Wolf is a great song.

What a good idea; where are the biscuits...