Do You Care About My Money or Yours?


There's a disturbing trend happening in the personal growth industry, and I've kept my mouth shut about it for years.

But I finally decided that I couldn't keep quiet about this any longer.

The trend I've noticed is two-fold:

1) The personal growth industry is now dominated by some of the world's best marketers.

2) As such, the stories these marketers use to show the effectiveness of their techniques are all about themselves.

Have you noticed that the stories the "big name gurus" use to talk about how effective their strategies are, are all about... themselves?

How much money they've made
How many Facebook fans they have
How many YouTube views
How many Twitter followers...

And so on.

Of course, there's nothing inherently wrong with using that as a marketing strategy.

As a marketer, one of your jobs is to prove that the thing you're trying to sell works.

You have to overcome the natural skepticism in your prospect's mind and answer basic questions like, "Does this really work?" and "Will this work for me?"

Ahhh, but therein lies the difference.

Because one thing I've discovered after two decades in the personal development industry, is that there is a very large but subtle difference between answering the questions "Does this work?" and "Will this work for me (meaning, the average person)?"

Which, in fact, highlights the one thing that the industry big guns don't want you to know.

And that is the simple fact that the biggest names in the industry do indeed have special talents that the rest of us don't have.

Now, that's something I know most people don't want to hear. Certainly the big name gurus will never tell you that.

And that's why I've kept silent all these years.

But I just couldn't take it any more, and here's why.

Because good, dedicated, hard-working people like you kept coming up to me at my seminars, workshops, and live events; telling me that you'd spent your hard-earned money on one big name guru after another, but that you still hadn't gotten results after studying and trying to use their information.

You kept telling me the same names over and over and over again.

Which told me two things:

1) The best marketers in the personal growth industry are doing a damn fine job of marketing themselves.

2) I had to step up and advocate on your behalf - to give a voice to the people who have no voice.

The bottom line, and the single question I want you to answer for yourself today, is this:

Do you care about my money, or do you care about your money?

Do you care about how many books I've sold - or how many of your books you can sell?

Do you care about how much money I've made for myself - or how much money my students have made for themselves as a result of doing what I taught them?

The fact is, it is a great marketing strategy to talk about how much money you've made, how many Facebook fans you've got, how many books you've sold, and so on. Because that shows proof that your thing works...FOR YOU.

But - and this is what it all boils down to - does that mean that other people can use your stuff to make more money for THEM and THEIR families? To raise THEIR value in the marketplace? To sell more books of THEIR OWN?

Or is it all about you, Mr. or Ms. Guru?

I couldn't keep quiet about this any longer for one simple reason:

Because I'm tired of the best marketers dominating the conversation and taking all the air out of the room - while hard-working people like you keep spending your hard-earned money on things that don't get results for you.

That's why I simply don't talk much about how much money I've made.

Because while I've been blessed to earn a healthy 7-figure income from my business, that pales in comparison to the 9 figures and counting that my clients have expressly told me they've made and are still making as a direct result of using my formulas and strategies.

Let me show you those numbers in black and white (I'm going to use simple numbers to make the comparison simple):

Money my business brings in from using my stuff: $1,000,000.00
Money my clients have made from using my stuff: $100,000,000.00

Which one do you care more about?

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Noah St. John, Author  The Book of Afformations®