Do You Dance for Your Health and Happiness?

Do You Dance for Your Health and Happiness?
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<p>Gurdeep Pandher, Students, and Participates Dancing at Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse, Yukon</p>

Gurdeep Pandher, Students, and Participates Dancing at Old Fire Hall in Whitehorse, Yukon

Photo: Matt Jacques Photography

Most people understand the significance of maintaining their personal health, whether it is intellectual, psychological, or physical. Consequentially, many studies have been done and a large number of articles have been written on the best activities to promote well-being in the three subject areas listed. However, what if, instead of finding and adopting three separate hobbies into one’s life, only one is necessary? Dance, a commonly overlooked and underrated art form, is perfect for achieving just this purpose. Whether young or old, beginner or professional, the techniques acquired from dancing will be easily applicable and timeless, redefining the concept of staying healthy.

Obviously, dancing involves physical activity, which is proven to boost mood, academic performance, and even confidence. Being aware of one’s body and knowing how to push its limits in a safe, constructive manner is essential to improving personal health. At the lower levels, dance is not particularly strenuous like hockey or football. It focuses on flexibility and building lean muscles, perfect for those recovering from an injury or looking to get active without the risks associated with traditional sports. As well, since it requires minimal equipment, a patch of empty floor, a chair (to mimic the barre for ballet), and an instructional video will suffice.

Because dancing is a form of artistic expression, it has therapeutic properties as well, designed to clear the mind and purify the soul. Nothing feels better and more refreshing than feeling the dull soreness that comes from exerting one’s self for a period of time. Unlike painting or other types of visual art, dancing uses the body to communicate, which is intrinsically tied to the heart and mind. Often, physical forms of conveyances do much more than visual or verbal ones, making dance the perfect outlet for relieving any type of emotional overload.

Finally, dance is an intellectual pursuit as the mind controls the body to perform complex steps that adhere to certain rhythms. Learning the precision behind each minute movement and how to perform effortlessly are the central gears churning to power the concept and illusion of dance, which are far from easy to master. The perseverance, dedication, and motivation required to pursue this complex art form is definitely a challenge that can provide mental stimulation in addition to the physical benefits. Overcoming roadblocks and meeting goals also provide satisfaction, boosting confidence and rekindling love for dance, one of the most admirable activities there are.

All in all, dance is the perfect activity for anyone looking to fulfil any purpose. It aids in physical, psychological, and intellectual well-being, providing a lifetime of stimulation and a style for everyone to enjoy. From the heart-pounding beats of hip hop to the low-key elegance of jazz, dance promotes a healthy lifestyle and teaches important life lessons that lets one appreciate their life for what it is and tackle any and all issues in a constructive way. Low cost, enjoyable for everyone, and guarantees a good time: dance has got it all covered!

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