Do You Deserve Such a Big Goal?

Do You Deserve Such a Big Goal?
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Have you ever written out a goal for yourself that you knew was unattainable or a pipe dream?
What made you think it would never happen for you? Self-doubt? Past experiences? You believe you are undeserving?

The challenge of having a goal that's very large is if you don't believe it's possible and you think it's too large, you'll immediately discount it. You'll look at it and you'll say to yourself, "No, this isn't going to happen." We all have self-doubt and fear now and again. It's just part of being human. But that does not mean we can't have what we desire.

Consider this... What's your belief about having $100 million? Is your belief that it's greedy? Do you feel you are not capable of making $100 million? Do you feel you're not worthy of it?

If those beliefs are at the root of what you believe about yourself, start by simply noticing it. Simply become aware and ask yourself these questions:

Do I have an issue around deserving?
Do I have an issue around being worthy?
Do I have an issue around believing that if I have it, it means someone else is going without?

When you get to the root cause or blocks of what's been stopping you from enjoying that which you desire you can begin to move past those beliefs.

There is an abundance of money and prosperity out there in the world and you are attached to it.
Every single one of us has the opportunity to be abundant.

So what do you need to believe in order to achieve those goals that you set for yourself?

  • You are worthy
  • You are a creator
  • You are a master manifestor
  • You are rich beyond your wildest dreams
  • There is an abundance supply in the Universe
  • You are deserving of love and you are a loving being
  • You need to believe it's possible and believe in the unseen

Get to the root of the issues that are blocking you. Ask yourself those three questions I listed earlier. Then write down what you need to believe in order to achieve your goals.

Faith is an incredibly powerful emotion and inherent within all of us is, if we have the desire we also have the ability.

Have faith in your ability and don't look at past experiences as evidence of future success. Here is a quick story that easily demonstrates this point. You might have heard about the research study that involved putting fleas in a jar. A vented lid was secured on the top and the fleas proceeded to jump up over and over again to try to get out. When the lid was finally removed the fleas didn't bother trying anymore. Why? Because in their experience they hit a ceiling they could not get past. They had given up even when the path to their desire was available to them.

Are there ceilings in your life? Have there been times in your life when you've tried something and it hasn't worked so you gave up? You have to be aware of them and then choose to go past them.

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