Do You Dread Going to Work Tomorrow?


Aren't long weekend with friends and family great? Perhaps a backyard barbeque, a trip to the beach, or just some quiet time alone to catch up on your favorite show. However, the thing about long weekends is that we look forward to them so much but then dread going back to work at the end of it. We literally either go to bed or wake up with a sense of heaviness at the mere thought of having to go into to the office the next day.

There are two times in my career when I can remember never feeling that way. One was when I was in the right job that was the right fit for me. I loved it! And even after long weekends and vacations I could not wait to get back to work because it was fulfilling. The second was when I finally made the leap from my career to my calling. Over the last three years, I literally have not had a Monday morning where I did not wake up with anticipation for the week ahead.

So what's stopping you from feeling that way? Here are possible scenarios preventing you from having the type of career or business you LOVE to come back to after a long weekend:

You have outgrown the position you're in and you're not being utilized the way that you should.

You feel underpaid and underappreciated based on the work you do.

You have settled into role and career that pays the bills and provides a comfortable living but
you're not passionate about it.

You really have a desire to do something different but you are not sure how.

You told yourself when you started that you were only going to give yourself 5 years with this company and that was 12 years ago. Now you're frustrated as to why you've stayed so long.

You're scared. If you had your way, you would change to the career you really want to be in or start the business you have been talking about for years but you allow fear to talk you out of it every time.

I don't know why you personally dread going to work tomorrow. But I do know that if it is a consistent feeling week after week and holiday after holiday, you are in the wrong job and not walking in your calling. When you are, you anticipate being able to do what you love the week ahead. You get joy out of figuring out how to solve the problems presented to you. And there is a driving force that pushes you to want to show up and do what you're supposed to do.

Why spend over 40 hours of your week in a role and career that you dread? Life and work are meant to be fulfilling. And your skills, talents, and passions are not supposed to be your best kept secret or continuously put on a back burner. You are way too talented not to leverage your skills and gifts in ways that not only reward others but yourself as well. I know change is hard. And I know it will take work. But so has everything else worth fighting for. Take the steps you need to create the type of career you love to go to versus one that you feel like you have to escape from.