Do You Freelance?

Did you know that 53 million Americans are currently freelancing? That comes out to roughly 34 percent of the workforce. Are you a 1099 or freelance professional?

Why are people looking for project based work instead of the stability of the workforce?

The Money. Freelancers set their rates and can often get paid three times the rate they would have earned as attached to their salary or commission.

The Time. Being your own boss or working on a team has you setting the time you want to spend working. Want to take the summer months off to kite surf in Hawaii? Done. Need to keep the afternoons free for the kids' carpool? You are all set.

The Passion. The ability to choose your clients and projects enables professionals to recharge and reenergize their skills and passions. By giving yourself the choice to customize the projects you spend time and energy on will help you succeed.

We all realize that the world of work is changing and that companies and professionals are quick to adapt to the new landscape. However, how quickly have financial services reacted to this change? Not quickly enough. In most cases these highly sought after professionals are earning more, working smarter and fulfilling their dream. Yet, getting paid on time, finding affordable insurance and obtaining business credit seem to be harder than ever to secure.

If you are a freelancer or 1099 professional, I would love to hear your insight. I have created a survey aimed at helping your needs. Please take 3 minutes to complete it and disrupt the workplace.