Do You Have 'Are We There Yet!?' Syndrome?

Do you ever feel like you're so focused on your ultimate vision, the end goal of all the work you're doing to move your business forward, that you get frustrated when you look around and you're not there yet?

I think of this as "Are We There Yet?" Syndrome, and I'm very familiar with it. I've had this disease since I was about 9 years old.


Sometimes this impatience to accomplish and achieve is really helpful! It usually indicates precision, attention to details and deadlines, and a stop-at-nothing attitude toward getting things done.

But "Are We There Yet?" Syndrome also has some major drawbacks.

For instance, getting burned out because one works in super intense bursts for prolonged periods of time. Or only taking a vacation when you realize that you haven't gone grocery shopping in a week because you've been redesigning your website -- see where I'm going with this?

If you're feeling the beginnings of "Are We There Yet?" Syndrome coming on, here are a few habits that can gently steer you in a different direction...

Take a Moment to Appreciate Your Accomplishments

Pausing to celebrate your wins is always a good idea. It will leave you feeling successful and more calm because you'll clearly see that, hey, you're doing pretty great!

Not only will it help alleviate any judgment that may be building toward yourself, it also will help you clearly identify any patterns in your work behavior. Do you work really hard for a month and then get sick of it and spend a week at the beach? Do you procrastinate for the first half of the month and then scramble to bring in money during the second half?

We're all doing our best, including you, so cut yourself some slack! Which leads me to the next point...

It Doesn't Have to Happen Overnight (and it Won't) -- Time is on Your Side

I remember when Dallas Travers' business was taking off right before my eyes. I'd been working with her for about a year and WHAM! It suddenly seemed like Dallas' face and guest posts were everywhere.

I couldn't believe it. The next time I saw her, I said, "Dallas, your business is taking off over night!"

She laughed and replied, "Yeah, twelve years to an overnight success."

It's so true. We all love to hear a juicy overnight success story, but in my experience, it's never really overnight. Famous actors work for years to get their foot in the door before they break out in a notable role. Same for screenwriters -- some writers will work on their craft their entire lives before one script falls into the right hands at the right time and viola.

So, in business, we can't expect that even a years' worth of hard work will get us to the end goal. Sure, it will get us closer, but that 7-figure business might take a few years to put together.

Make a Plan for Business Longevity

When I feel the symptoms of "Are We There Yet?" Syndrome really pulling me down, I know it's time to make a plan for longevity.

We might not get "there" for a few years, so we might as well figure out how to enjoy life along the way. Working 60-hours a week isn't enjoyable, and neither is forgetting to buy groceries for 10 days in a row.

For my clients, longevity means crafting an online marketing plan that really works. One that consistently touches and inspires their client base with new, interesting information through blogging.

Different platforms work for different people, but whatever systems you choose to put in place for your business, make 'em stick.

As Dallas always says, "Content is King, but Consistency is Queen."

Allison Volk specializes in creating authority and visibility for businesses and entrepreneurs through effective content marketing. Her clients have appeared in The Huffington Post,, Mind Body Green, LifeHack, Bitter Lemons and, to name a few. Find out more at