Do You Know What The Supercar Capital of North America Is?

Supercars are always going to be beloved by their owners, admired by people, and wished for by the rest of the world who doesn't have deep enough pockets to afford them. So, for most of us, we're the rest of the world. But that doesn't mean we can't be envious of a pristine and handmade driving machine... right?

I've covered plenty of topics on cars, and have actually written four books about them entailing every single make and model that's ever entered the U.S. since 1998 for a data company. The point being, I was even shocked when I found out this news.

The award for largest conglomeration of supercars in America actually doesn't go to any U.S. state. What's that, you are thinking? How is such rubbish even possible?

Actually, Vancouver is the supercar capital of North America, said Craig Stowe, founder and president of the Luxury and Supercar weekend. It's this luxurious dish he delivered in an interview with Vancity Buzz.

"So when you're here, people see the cars and they see them repetitively."

But how many supercars are there in Vancouver? As of the most current registration data, over 2,100 are on file, consisting of the most expensive and rarest cars ever made.

Of course, parts of Vancouver have more than others. Like West Vancouver, which is the equivalent of the Hamptons in NYC. An outrageous 1 out of 142 people in this region own a supercar, which makes the 1 in 616 statistic for Vancouver pale in comparison.

Stowe amounts such a high ownership number to the tepid year-round weather.

"To live in Richmond, to live in West Vancouver, it's the highest real estate values in Canada and some of the highest real estate values in North America, so if you're buying a three million dollar house, to buy a $250,000 car is not a disproportionate amount to your personal wealth," he explained.

The most popular car of late is the McLaren - which he's been seeing a lot more of.

"In Vancouver, people have a real appetite for it and part of it was there are so many Ferraris, and so many Lambourghinis here that people were looking for another bespoke supercar."

So there you have it. If you go to West Vancouver, don't be shocked to see a million-dollar car parked next to your humble Hyundai Sonata. But hey, at least your insurance doesn't cost $5,000 per month, and at least your depreciation isn't $150 per mile driven. Because honestly, there are more important things in life than having a wine chiller in your glovebox.

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