Do You Know What Your Body Wants?

Do You Know What Your Body Wants?
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Do you consider your body when you are making decisions? This may sound like a bit of a crazy concept, but think about it for a minute. Your body is the one who has to do all of the work, once your brain has an idea, so you may as well just ask your body what it thinks about the options.

I learned this concept last year while on an International speaking tour in the Middle East. There was this incredible woman speaking on the topic of becoming best friends with your body. I have to say, this made a lot of sense to me.

Patty Alfonso is an author, a healer, a coach, and teaches pole dancing workshops all over the world. She is an incredible spirit that teaches people how to get more in touch with their bodies.

See for yourself in this incredible interview she recently did, when she appeared on the hit TV Show BRAND IT, as part of the Media & The City Event. Please comment and let us know what Patty inspires you to ask your body.

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