Do you know where you are going?

Do you know where you are going?
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Brendan Church on

Dose #304 of Sanity: There is always a way. Once you become aware of the way, and your own particular way, you will be on your way. And you will learn your own strengths, and discover the areas where you can get stronger by embracing life and learning. What intersection are you on? What is guiding your heart?

Comfort is an illusion. The notion that we arrive is fleeting. We arrive, and then what?

The skill and mindset that I am finding most helpful is learning how to flow. And the biggest teacher you can have does not come to the classroom, the office or the conference center for you to learn. The most amazing teacher you can have is around you every day of your life, and that is nature.

So many people today are losing pieces of ourselves in a sea of busyness. And why do we feel disengaged when we are so connected and busy? Because we have separated ourselves from nature and have been taught that successful people fill their days and nights with activities. Have you achieved, your goals? they will ask you. Did you cross everything off your to-do list? What are your resolutions?

The real opportunity we each have is to slow down. Isn’t it time to remember how to spend time with ourselves? When was the last time you simply flowed? And I don't mean gone on vacation or retreated. If you watch a body of water, you will see flow. It is simple and beautiful. There is no pursuit or achievement.

There is so much natural beauty in the world that we can learn from. Some of the fallacies of our world is that we always need to keep going, and that we are too busy to stop and take impeccable care of ourselves.

It is time to remember that to be fully human, we must take breaks and recharge ourselves. Nature has four seasons, and yet, we somehow separated ourselves from the natural flow of the seasons. So many feel lonely, and many have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and fierceness of our natural surroundings. We are never truly alone.Nature can teach us a great deal about letting go and flowing.

When you become conscious of every being around you, you can think and feel more clearly about what you are creating in the world, and more importantly, why you are creating. There are so many opportunities. As we know, ideas are not scarce. It all comes down to how we birth our ideas to life, and who partners with us as a peer, a customer and an unlikely partner. It is time to walk our talk on our way.

Be aware. Breath consciously. And remember that even in the darkest moments of the mind, there is always a way. What is your way?

p,s. I used to tell myself: focus, focus, focus. And today, I tell myself: flow, flow, flow. There is always a way! Learning is fun.

Welcome to 2017 where we have 365 days to play, create and connect.

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