Do You Live In NYC's Dirtiest Neighborhood? Tell Us Why

Do you live in NYC's dirtiest neighborhood? Tell us why

Is your neighborhood spic and span or rife with refuse?

The Bloomberg administration puts most of the city in the former category and promises to keep it that way despite a budget crunch. Last month, the Mayor's Office of Operations reported 97.3 percent of city sidewalks and 96.1 percent of city streets were largely litter free.

But is the city right? The Huffington Post and Gotham Gazette want to know how clean you think your neighborhood is. Has the Bloomberg administration wiped noxious grime and garbage from city streets? Or does trash pile up on your street corner? Is your block cleaner or dirtier than other neighborhoods?

Check back later next week to see whether your block is a refuge for neat freaks or still grapples with garbage.

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