Do You Love What's In Your Closet?

Do You Love What's In Your Closet?
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LuLaRoe Carly dress
Maria Manetas
LuLaRoe Carly dress

Your closet: Do you love it? Don't lie, many of us don't! My closet still has remnants of clothes that belong to another life and another body. There are forlorn suits hanging up that haven't seen daylight in three or four years now. A few tops and dresses, bought when I was much thinner, peek out from the hangers, reminding me of their presence as I push them aside to hang up my new purchases. The clothes from another lifetime are almost all black, grey and white. My closet reminds me of failure and I don't like it at all.

As a stay-at-home mom for many years, a uniform of sorts was my standard: jeans and a t-shirt or yoga pants and a long t-shirt borrowed from my husband. No glamour, just comfortable and practical for my daily life. Social events made me anxious. Instead of going to these functions feeling pretty and focusing on meeting people and having a great time, I was worried my zipper would pop or whether or not my top was too tight from the last time I wore it. Sadly I often made excuses not to attend and just stay home with my family.

I would break out of my shell from time to time, buying a blue or pink top to break up the monotony and the echo of compliments stayed with me. In the past two years, I've tried hard to change my habit and break out of comfort zone. When I discovered LuLaRoe clothing, I hesitated. Too much color, too many prints. Where was the solid black? The nagging voice in my head told me to take a chance.

I started with subtly-patterned leggings. I slowly worked my way up to brighter colors and prints. I noticed a new lightness come over me, I felt more comfortable and eager to get dressed. Everything fit beautifully, so, of course, I bought more! For me, the ease of finding clothing that fit and was forgiving in size was liberating. I could wear a dress and be more comfortable than in my "uniform" of jeans and t-shirts or yoga pants. Who knew?

I found that I could still wear my favorite shoes, that heels were not necessary with a pencil skirt and that my favorite graphic tees would not sit in a drawer. I also found a new sense of excitement in clothes and shoe shopping. Since my options were no longer only black or white, so many more choices were available to me.

Now that I've discovered this new bold me, I'm taking steps to rid my closet of my old wardrobe. All the clothes that don't fit or make me happy are being donated and fresh new hangers are going in with lots of LuLaRoe clothing hanging on them! Go take a peek at your closet and let me know if you smile. If not, let's talk!

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