This Video Perfectly (And Hilariously) Captures Our Social Media Addiction (WATCH)

Last year, New Yorker cartoonist Liam Francis Walsh depicted a man in a bar wearing a dog cone around his neck, explaining to a woman staring at him, “It keeps me from looking at my phone every two seconds.” And now Coca-Cola is using the same idea to mock our society’s addiction to the Internet, smartphones and social media.

Last week, Coca-Cola uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing its newest (albeit fictional) product: the "Social Media Guard." The viral video pokes fun at smartphone users in a variety of social situations -- a couple on a date, a father with his kids, young girls with their pet cat -- who can’t look up from their screens to appreciate the real relationships in their offline lives. Coke's remedy? The Social Media Guard, a dog cone in Coca-Cola's signature red. As the tag line says, it “takes the ‘social’ out of media and puts it back into your life."

Watch the video above to see how Coke's lighthearted “commercial” reveals a heavy truth about just how crippling our social media addictions can be.

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