How To Clean Your Ice Cube Tray, An Oddly Dirty Spot In Your Freezer

How Do You Clean Ice Cube Trays?

Even though your ice cube tray is constantly being run under water, it can still be one of the smelliest gadgets in your kitchen. Because the tray is being exposed to all different types of food in your freezer, it easily absorbs nasty odors that can cause your ice cubes to taste funny. But there is something you can do to avoid this unpleasant result -- just follow this simple cleaning tip.

The first step is to run the ice cube tray under warm water to get rid of any ice residue. Then add two teaspoons of baking soda (editor's note: if you're noticing some lime build-up on your trays, it's best to use white vinegar instead of the baking soda) to half a cup of warm water and pour the solution into your tray. You'll want to make sure you scrub each cube section with the solution and a washcloth. Lastly, you'll run the tray under warm water until the baking soda solution is no longer visible. Once finished, you can refill your tray and enjoy an ice cold drink (sans unpleasant taste.)

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