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What Is Sustainable, Authentic and True Is What Comes Easy To You

When we effort, try and force our way into our lives, our jobs or even our relationships, we create a force field that energetically works against our highest ideal.

What you love to do and what comes naturally is what makes you stand out -- not just today, but from the moment you had a consciousness about your emerging self as a separate entity from parents, family, friends and societal expectations. Your differentiation and becomingness fuels the present experience you are now having in your work and life.

Is it possible to have your work be your life, your life your work? Is it possible to feel like you just can't wait to awaken in the morning to do your Life and once the day is over you feel full with the similar and ultimate satisfaction of completing an amazing gourmet meal? Or the fullness so interconnected like that of an intra-inter-extra-cellular, deep-down, to the core essence, taste of the eternal you. A Nectarian experience.

In this space there is no separation, rather there is a uniting of sorts, a conjoining that pulls all the disparate parts of you together to form the Life you do have -- with all the fractal pieces of the whole prismatic. Full and Flavorful.

In the work I do, I see many people, individuals and teams, trying to solve their work or Life dilemmas by going for what they are perceiving as their just their work trajectory. When, in fact, they are really fulfilling the life plan of another and have disregarded their own authentic calling, gifts and traits that serve from what is easy, comes naturally and embraces your stand-out qualities. Invest in them and: lather, water, rinse, repeat.

Culturally, we have been trained to highlight the deficits and refrain from and look away from the extraordinary talents we each organically possess -- our innate wisdom self expressed.

Shall we settle for a Life of mediocrity or go for what is Sustainable, Authentic and True... for you?

Try this in your business or your Life:

1. Locate: Three of your top dilemmas. Three of your amazing gifts.

2. Ask: What is keeping me away from resolving these? List one by one. How can each of my gifts supply the demand of the dilemma?

3. Reflect: What do I have within myself that I can lean in upon and rely on? How can I fill my arsenal of positive qualities and organic natural talents? What shall I water them with? What engaging habit can I adopt and use in every day life via conversation and interactions?

4. Build: Step by step, and a literal, breath by breath, inspire your own self motivation with little gifts of presence to your unique, sustainable, authentic and true self. Rise and feel the feelings you wish to feel at the end of your day, whether: abundant, successful, powerful, vital, radiant, creative, magnetic, inspirational, respected etc. Focusing on this resonates an emotional vibration that not only clears old patterns of doubt, defeat and despair, but rather moves you into devotion to the eternal self that is unconditional. Go there.

This is how you can you build your career around your core desires for happiness. What are you doing in this moment to move the needle into your creative genius? This divergent thinking frees you to find the infinite in possibility. Creative genius is born into you without effort. Where is your non-effort? Feel it.