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Do You Struggle with Your Body Image?

The fastest way to get the body shape you like is to like the body shape you have. The clearest way to get the body shape you love is to love the exact shape of it now.
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There are physical approaches to changing your body's shape, whether losing weight, gaining weight, or building muscles. These can work, and do work, but many people eventually return to the original undesired status after a while, and this leaves them despairing and upset with themselves. A good example is the phenomenon of yo-yo weight gain.

Many readers of Metaphysical, New Age, and more mystical literature already know the basic Metaphysical rule for manifesting body changes. For instance, readers of the Law of Attraction are familiar with this concept, and there are many good sources for metaphysical approaches to body issues available too. Nevertheless it is worth it to remember the bottom line (OK - I did not mean that but that is funny) of changing one's body shape as we enter the third month of the year. By this time, some of us are frustrated with the New Year's goals.

This Metaphysical rule of thumb here is: The fastest way to get the body shape you like is to like the body shape you have. The clearest way to get the body shape you love is to love the exact shape of it now. This works on two levels. First, if you will go ahead and like the body you have now, then, by definition, you have a body you like. So, that is a pretty quick result.

The next level that it works on is what you can call your inner self, your personal vibration, or your energetic pattern. As long as a part of your understanding of yourself contains a vibration, or a notion, that you are not good now, you will often be defeated in reaching for outcomes that would appear to be good for you. Phrased another way is that undertones of self destructive or negative ideas about yourself will keep you from getting what you want.

My best example is a client who was very thin. However, she was from a different country than ours and had a different upbringing. Because she was so thin, her mother told her she was unattractive. My client grew up feeling unattractive and continues to feel this way even though she is in her 30s and lives in the U.S. She will never be able to gain weight, and keep it on, as long as she believes she is unattractive and that larger bodies are attractive. These two things don't match - picture it as two vibrations that cancel each other out - and she won't be able to feel happy about her body without changing something in this equation: either feeling unattractive or thinking thin is unattractive

Switch this then to the typical American experience of feeling unattractive if not thin (or buff, or fill_in_blank). As long as you, or I, feel at some level like we are unattractive or unworthy, and believe that thin is attractive, then a goal of long term weight loss will be much, much more difficult to accomplish. It can be done; it is just very tough. Kind of like putting one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

If you struggle with your ideal body situation, maybe the next step is to take a time out. Focus instead on aligning your energy at all levels (and that is important) to completely accept and like the body you have right now. This can take some time for many of us - but try it. Then make new goals from that foundation. The new goals could be: "I love my body now, but look forward to stronger muscles.' Or, "I am perfect just as I am but I would next like to feel more limber and graceful." I think you get the idea.

None of this is to say that we should not pay attention to physical facts about bodies and muscles. Paying attention to the people who study how to fix and help bodies can be crucial in many cases. It can help though to remember some of the Metaphysical insights about what is happening in our inner selves and how that correlates with our results.

What are your struggles? Let me know and please comment here with your thoughts. You can also visit Psychic Margaret Ruth at or on Facebook too.

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